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Dec 18, 2022
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This is a post by TJ Martinell from back in December 2020.
Once upon a time (2019, to be exact) in a far away land (New Jersey, to be precise) there was a Village by the Sea meetup that involved myself, Rerb, Vince, and the chronic napper Aaron…
Dec 16, 2022
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Oct 20, 2022
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Jul 17, 2022
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When I was a young lad, oh...back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I had several ‘career’ ideas regarding what I wanted to ‘be’ when I grew up.
One of them was a private detective. I was thrilled to no end by the concept of the lone wolf private…
Jan 27, 2022
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Note : I first published this in a special issue of Punchriot Magazine over a year ago.
The frantic thrashing and struggling sounds from the other room continued as the muffled cries for mercy, mixed as they were with deep groans of pleasure, fell…
Jan 15, 2022
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Fundamentally, all Men are Geeks. Stop denying it, fuckers.
Some of us are tabletop role-playing game geeks.
Join us for some non-SJW, non-woke/non-pc bullshit, old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
At least once per month, sometimes twice, we get…
Dec 25, 2020
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Every once in awhile I like to share, as an MG post, one of our newsletter articles (which you miss if you're not signed up).
This is one of mine from last week.
Tuesday afternoon, 3 PM EST, post tropical storm. The winds are still whipping…
Aug 14, 2020
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Sit down and Shut the Fuck Up
You heard me.
Yea, I’m telling you want to do, you rude bastids.
“What are you talking about Vincent? I listen!”
Do you? Do you REALLY?
Or are you one of these dipshits that, when you ask me a question, and I begin to…
Jul 18, 2020
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IF you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
IF you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
IF you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, not…
Jul 13, 2020
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Here and there we like to post up a MG Newsletter article/essay. This one I wrote about a month ago.
A few newsletter essays ago I talked about the abandoned Circus Drive-In. That adventure also had me explore a bit on the old abandoned town of…
Jul 11, 2020
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<rant>Everyone is complaining about something. You know what? If your life is not want you want it to be then fucking fix it, pudwack.
NO ONE is holding you down. Not ‘the man’, not your parents, not the world. YOU are the only one in your way.
Jul 5, 2020
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This article is written by TJ Martinell
A video put out last year by a YouTuber and long-time internet user Glink laments the fall of the internet in a way that I really hadn't considered. His argument is that the world wide web has passed its…
Jun 4, 2020