A Life of Adventure

When I was a young lad, oh...back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I had several ‘career’ ideas regarding what I wanted to ‘be’ when I grew up.

One of them was a private detective. I was thrilled to no end by the concept of the lone wolf private eye, the ‘dick’, the gum shoe, the bad ass-take-no-shit-tough guy and his renegade life of solitary ways; solving mysteries, catching bad guys, and making it with random women.

I watched quite a lot of black & white detective films with my family back then and was reading books such as The Hardy Boys and The Three Investigators.

What fun, right?


Tales of action and adventure fired my imagination and set my blood afire!

I loved war movies, too! The concept of Brotherhood and friendship through shared adversity and action? Fucking badass. It satisfied something in my blood that I was too young to understand.

Despite my Adventurous spirit and nature, I didn’t get any of that, however. I never designed my life for that path.

Besides which, nothing is like the movies. That shit doesn’t go down that way.

Now, as an older gentleman, I like to go on Adventures…both solo (I’ve discussed this extensively in MG broadcasts and in MG newsletters) and with one of my girls.

So, what then, is Adventure?

And more specifically, what is Adventure like with, say, your girl(s)?

How do you Adventure with the women in your Life?

Zan Perrion always states this - “Girls do NOT want to BE the Adventure...they want to be TAKEN on an Adventure”.

“But Vincent, I can’t take my girl on elaborate Adventures!”

“I ain’t got the money for that, damnit!”

No binary thinking, gentlemen. Stop that. Always with the extremes.

Of course, if you have the time and the money, go big! Go fly on a whim to Paris or Rome.

Quick aside : I am a Bachelor, and probably always will be. I like the Life I have designed for myself, which is, to be sure, not a conventional one. Nor do I have what would be termed, ‘conventional’ relationships.

However, having an Adventure can be something as simple as a motorcycle ride to a vineyard, or the shore/coast for some drink and food and then a beach walk and fuck.

And now that warmer months will soon be upon us, it’s time to make some plans, gentleman MGs.

Adventure can also be this - you send your girl a text on Tuesday - “For this weekend, I want you to pack an overnight bag and wear black thigh highs, a skirt or dress, and your high heels with the straps. I’ll pick you up on Friday at 4PM. Be ready.” Don’t elaborate. Don’t answer her questions. You make statements and keep it mysterious.

See? Adventure! The key here is YOU LEADING and making decisions on your OWN. You do NOT consult, you do NOT ask permission, you fucking LEAD. You create an emotion in her. She FEELS special. It’s exciting.

Here’s a little personal story for you : Back in the late summer of 2017 I was involved deeply with a girl I met online. She was 16 years younger than I. Black, wild hair, about 5’4’’, great figure with c cup tits and a fucking outstanding bump of an ass. I don’t know what it is but Jewish girls have GREAT asses. Fuck. I still have dreams about it.

And yes, even I consider her the one that ‘got away’...through my own doing. I still miss her to this day. ALL Men have one, I dare say. That's a story for another time, however. Maybe a Fortress meeting.

So, this chick, at the time, was studying to be a paralegal while she worked her main job. She had lots of projects and little time for Adventuring.

Or so she thought.

Picture this : a warm, but not too humid summer Sunday afternoon and the sun is chirping and the birds are shining! I always carry a folding, mobile camp picnic table in the back of my Subaru so that it was ready to go already. I added to the cargo these items - picnic blanket, bottle of sparkling water, bottle of wine, charcuterie board (breads, cheese, meats, olive spread), and my blue-tooth speaker to connect to my phone for music.

After sending her a text with time to be ready and telling her to bring along her schoolwork, I loaded up the vehicle and headed out to pick her up.

I had a destination in NJ in mind.

A local lake with quiet areas to set up the picnic table and whatnot.

Keep picturing it all…

Picnic table set up under a tree...blanket next to it, spread out with food, wine, and water.

Soft classical music playing over the blue-tooth speakers.

We sat at the picnic table; she with her schoolwork and I with my novel writing.

We drank wine. We worked. A zephyr-like breeze whispered through the leaves above us.

At one point she stopped to look around and take it all in. She had this dreamy look on her face and she finally turned to Me with adoration in her eyes and grabbed my hand.

“I love this,” she said. “This is perfect.”

See, gentlemen?

The entire day cost me less than $50.

I created and designed our day. We made memories together.

She’ll NEVER forget that OR Me.

Pretty cool, right?

Okay, same girl. I planned a getaway for us in Easton, PA - a small, historic town - in a two bedroom house RIGHT ON THE DELAWARE RIVER. Hot, erotic, and fucking Romantic Adventure. And I know the exact time and date of our long weekend trip that I planned for us because I write these events up in my journal. How bad ass is that? I can go back and read and reminisce and relive the great time we had together.

Relevant side note : I purchased a folding/mobile hammock and brought it on this trip. I set it up outside and down by the river. We made out like teenagers. My hands roamed young, tight little body and I finger fucked her hard…not far from the next door neighbors who were outside on their own deck partying.

Fucking hot.

One of my journal entries and some photos right here…

The day I picked her up we stopped off at a great place in Philly for breakfast. That's her there with her omelette and toast. She was nervous and gorgeous as fuck.

Weyerbacher brewery was nearby and we drove out there one late afternoon for some tasting flights and I kicked her ass at Foosball.

Here’s another scenario that I am fond of.

Reserve a hotel room for the night.

I show up early in the afternoon and get some writing done at the hotel bar. Oh, make it a high end hotel. I like to use Marriott hotels. And as I do this quite frequently, I am part of their point membership thing….so, after a while, I get free stays.

So, reserve the room. Get there early. Hang out, talk to the bartender or bar wench. Make friends. Talk. Interact. Tip GENEROUSLY.

Prior to this, text your girl a day before. “Meet Me at this address at 7 PM on Saturday night” - And again, tell her what to wear.

My favorite is having her come to Me in a tight dress or skirt, heels, and black thigh highs.

You might have the same preferences or whatever. The point is to make sure to direct her to wear what YOU want her to wear.

It’s Adventure and excitement and it’s fucking erotic. She’ll love it, I guarantee it.

And if you are already married or in a relationship? So? Do this anyway.

Life can fucking dull, boring, and full of pain.

Make it fucking meaningful, exciting, and memorable. For YOURSELF and your girl(s).

Design your Adventurous Lives, gentlemen.

Even the small gestures and plans are poignant.

Get out there and Adventure!


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