Masculine Geek Dungeons & Dragons

Fundamentally, all Men are Geeks. Stop denying it, fuckers.

Some of us are tabletop role-playing game geeks.

Join us for some non-SJW, non-woke/non-pc bullshit, old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

At least once per month, sometimes twice, we get together with Dungeon Master Rollo Tomassi for some dice slinging in the World of Dungeons & Dragons.

If you're tired of the woke assholes that abound in tabletop gaming; these sniveling, overly-sensitive, easily offended dipshits, then be sure to tune in to 'Masculine Geek D&D'.

We're not politically correct - we're raw, unfiltered and uncensored, Dungeons & Dragons gamers.

Get on board, pussies. We're making history.

No broads allowed. Get your own game, ladies.

Spergs & Retards need not apply.

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