Sit Down and Shut the Fuck Up

Sit down and Shut the Fuck Up

You heard me.

Yea, I’m telling you want to do, you rude bastids.

“What are you talking about Vincent? I listen!”

Do you? Do you REALLY?

Or are you one of these dipshits that, when you ask me a question, and I begin to answer, you use that as a springboard to start talking about yourself or an unrelated topic, completely interrupting?

You all know what I am talking about. Someone asks you how your weekend was and before you finish telling them they have launched into describing their own weekend.

You think to yourself, "What the fuck just happened?"

It’s as if they used that question in order to run their own goddamn mouth.


No wonder men don’t respect you fully and women cannot stand to be in your presence.

You don’t fucking listen. Always trying to be "right" all the time.

How does one listen, actively? Easy. Shut the fuck up and let the person you’re talking with finish their goddamn sentence, then you digest it, and be curious about what the person just said to you.

It really is called active listening and psychologist Carl Rogers came up with this technique.

Go educate yourself -

I know this because I was trained in it back in my college days. I studied Psychology at Rutgers back in the early 90’s. I spent 12 years in the psych ‘field’ and one of my work experiences was as a volunteer for CONTACT, a crisis hotline (did that for 4 years), of which part of the 8 week training involved active listening skills.

Of course, I back slide from time to time (I’m an arrogant bastid here and there) but I do try to employ what I learned in the real world, particularly with women, and it has served me exceedingly well.

Try it out. Shut yer mouth and listen.


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