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What is a Masculine Geek?

A Masculine Geek is a Man who can play video games with the best of them as well as go out, pick up women, ride motorcycles, drink scotch, and smoke cigars, just to name a few things that he can do.

A Masculine Geek is a Well Rounded Man. He's the Man that is comfortable in most, if not all social situations, he's comfortable being surrounded by women, and he's also comfortable at the gaming table playing the latest, or sometimes, the oldest role playing game that is out there.

A Masculine Geek can be comfortable with live action role playing as well as having an educated discussion about current politics and current events.

A Masculine Geek is the Man who knows how to program a computer, put together an app, and also knows what style of clothes fits him and makes him look his best.

A Masculine Geek is the Man who takes care of his body and his hygiene, but isn't necessarily obsessed with how "ripped" he can get. He's also the Man who has a bit of fashion sense, but doesn't get hung up on it, or always follows the trends.

In the past Masculine and Geek were a dichotomy. The two didn't go together and even seemed mutually exclusive. It doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to be just Masculine. You don't just have to be a Geek.

The two can work together in perfect harmony, if you are willing to take the steps and the time to integrate the two.

So whether you're a Geek who wants to become more Masculine, or you are a Masculine Man who either hides his Geek side, or is curious to know more about it, welcome! There will be plenty of information that we will be going over here and on our podcasts that will help you understand that you too, can be a Masculine Geek.

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