The Rise Of The Gamma In "Geek" Culture.

This article was written by TJ Martinell.

One of the reasons that Masculine Geek exists is because there is a perception that certain hobbies, interests or studies considered “geeky” are also regarded as unmasculine. However, when one examines history, we find that these were often the passions of famous, powerful and unquestionably manly men.

So when and how did the disconnect occur?

There are many possibilities. Having watched Vox Day’s Voxversity on the socio-sexual hierarchy, particularly regarding gammas, I have one potential theory.

A gamma is passive aggressive, snarky, and lack social graces. However, they are also above-average in intelligence, which often leads them to become subject matter experts. As a side, they also tend to be the most likely to white knight for women and encourage their entry into a traditional male space, be it nerdy or not. This is despite the fact that women tend to find them “creepy.” Most importantly, gammas are fundamentally in rebellion against the natural hierarchy and seek to overthrow it.

In previous eras the socio-sexual hierarchy was more aligned with the natural order, meaning alphas were in leadership roles. Also, patriarchal societies placed a greater emphasis on intellectual pursuits and a genuine classical education. This meant a masculine man and aspiring leader would raise no eyebrows studying Latin, Greek or fencing.

Julius Caesar was not only a brilliant military commander, he also wrote two classic accounts of his campaigns, and as an orator was seconded only in his day by the great Cicero. Charlemagne reconquered much of the Western Roman Empire, but he also stressed an education and literacy he himself did not receive. Marcus Aurelius wrote his Meditations during years of military campaigning in Gaul, i.e. modern France.

In more recent times, Benjamin Franklin was a veritable “Renaissance man” who started the first American newspaper as well as the Junto discussion group, the first subscription library. Despite the Boy Scouts modern manifestation, its founder and Scouting for Boys author Robert Baden-Powell was a decorated military veteran who rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the British Army.

Then there's James Cagney, who had a rough-and-tumble upbringing, participated in boxing, but also learned to tap dance as featured in several of his films.

No one considered Cagney a dork or effeminate.

Two things changed since. One, the feminization of Western society. When that precisely started isn’t so as important as the fact that it has occurred. One of the many consequences is the restructuring of the socio-sexual hierarchy. Though men have remained in charge – though that could soon change - they have adopted a female-centric frame regarding priorities and what traits should be considered “normal” by default.

Further, they adopted the belief that traditional masculine traits– assertiveness, dominance, and self-confidence – were to be discouraged. The recent “guidelines” published by the American Psychological Association merely codified what has been a long-accepted Western belief.

As a result, the institutions have morphed into fostering the qualities and behaviors befitting gammas, i.e. petty micromanaging, passive aggression and indirect communication.

The other outcome of feminizing Western society is that there are simply more gammas than before, and the social norms have made it easy for them take over social, cultural, political and religious entities. That extends also into many hobbies where gammas are naturally well-suited to become competent, but insufferable “experts” on a subject. Because of their nature, deltas won’t challenge a gamma’ assumed authority. Betas and alphas will simply not participate.

What can deter normal men from taking an interest in anything “geeky” – or keep it a private and discreet matter – is if the areas are dominated by an inverted socio-sexual hierarchy in which the gammas are at the top of hold a collective hold on the internal culture. Men are by nature hierarchical, and when they see men in charge whose leadership they can’t accept, they will avoid it.

After time, a negative perception of that niche builds to the point where most men will not pursue a hobby; not only could it cost them their social standing, but the only people who are knowledgeable enough to appreciate it are probably gammas eager to bring someone else into their world in which they rule as the “secret king.”

This phenomenon helps explain the rise of “bro” culture, which celebrates weird and bizarre manifestations of a highly caricaturized masculinity to counter-signal geek culture and at the same time signal to others that they wish to retain their social status. “Bro” culture promotes anti-intellectualism, Neanderthal-level conversation, crass materialism, over-consumption of food and alcohol, and being “chill.” Something is bad if it’s “uncool, man.”

Also, “bros” tend to implicitly or subconsciously believe masculinity is directly tied to the feminine due to the emphasis on “notch count” or how successful a man is with women. Hence, they mock or jeer men who prioritize anything remotely intellectual above sex, or men who don’t consider the “tingles” to be the ultimate mark of a man.

Whereas the temptation of nerds is to take themselves too seriously, “bros” don’t take anything seriously and shy away from anything that gets “too deep.” They view anything that requires a degree of intelligence as effeminate and to be avoided at all costs. The “macho-man” mantra that shuns anything artistic is borne from a lack of healthy traits created through experiences and struggles that build self-confidence.

We at Masculine Geek are here to change this situation and turn things around. It's ok for a man to go to the gym every single day (as I do), then work on his penmanship with a fountain pen, or take an interest in old-time radio shows and tabletop games. It's ok to love firearms but also canvas paintings. It's ok to be masculine and love things that lesser men have transformed into an unhealthy obsession.

In fact, it's necessary that masculine men champion these things.

It's time to reclaim conquered territory.

Just every us every week as we lay siege and storm every stronghold.

Together, we can turn the tide.

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