Some Books, Part Three

There are always more books to collect and read. It’s an addiction with no known (or wanted, for that matter) cure.

Don’t forget, if you cannot find these on Amazon, there is always Ebay,, and others. Hell, check out your public library. 

Don’t leave behind your local used bookstores either as many of them offer robust online inventories to peruse. 

Thus, you could be across the country and order some used and rare books (they can help you find your specific title, too) from say, or near me, here in NJ, and have them packed up and shipped to you. Second Time Books has an amazing Fantasy/Science Fiction collection, all meticulously curated and cared for. It is one of the best I’ve encountered over the years.

Now, without further ado, here are several more recommendations for you all.

  1. Michael Scott Rohan’s ‘Winter of the World’ trilogy. Start with ‘Anvil of Ice’. You could categorize these as Epic Fantasy. He gets descriptive, but it’s not taxing nor does it bog down the story flow. I believe you’ll enjoy them. I like the ‘magic’ system - Mage Smiths. Go read them and find out more, you slugs.
  2. Untcigahunk, by Rick Hautala. This is a horror genre novel, but very good. Indian legends and myths. Has to be good, the main character plays D&D in it.
  3. Colin Wilson’s “The Mind Parasites”. Good Science Fiction Horror from 1967. Only book to be published by Arkham House (specialized in weird fiction - think August Derleth and HP Lovecraft).
  4. August Derleth, “The Trail Of Cthulhu”. First publisher of HP Lovecraft after his death and contributed to the ‘Cthulhu Mythos’ (not a Lovecraft term) via his own weird fiction writings. He also wrote detective and historical fiction as well.
  5. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick. The movie adaptation you most likely have heard of, if not viewed, is called Blade Runner. Excellent book. Movie is okay.
  6. Stephen R Donaldson’s “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”. Fantastic epic fantasy. If you like Tolkien’s writing style you will appreciate and enjoy Stephen’s work. The main character is a bitter, twisted modern day leper (an ACTUAL leper) who, because of the disease, cannot feel anything physical. Dead nerves. He is transported to another world, a world of magic wherein he regains the capacity to feel and touch again. He refuses to believe his good fortune. The struggle of this character will tear you down. Take the challenge and read this series. Start with “Lord Foul’s Bane”.
  7. “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White - the Arthurian Legend re-visited. Very good.
  8. “Watership Down”, by Richard Adams. I first read this in junior high school. The courage of rabbits. Join this adventure. Another book that will tear you down, then build you back up. The animated movie is quite good, too.
  9. “God of Tarot” by Piers Anthony. I know I mentioned him before, however I forgot my Tarot series books. This one is the first book. It chronicles the mission of Paul, a monk and his adventures and investigations in the world of Tarot. Yes, Tarot cards play a part in this. A bit religious, a bit mystical, this series is interesting.
  10. Another one that messes with your head, is a short story by ambrose Bierce (writer and civil war veteran) called “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”. I saw the short movie (1962) when I was in grade school. I loved it. I then read the short story and learned more about Bierce. Go watch it on YouTube after you read the short story.

Well, that will do it for now.

Until next time!

Get off the computer, stop posting shit on social media, get off your high horses, and go read a book.


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