How You Can Hold Time in Your Hands

There’s a new old way to tell time and, in this age of cell-phone-time-checking, it’s about ‘time’ you seriously considered adding this item to your collection.

Sure, we’ve all used a wrist-watch. A nice, sturdy, run-of-the-mill, every-guy-has-one, wrist-watch.

There is something else. Something that adds a little old world gentility to your look.

Manners are not the only thing that makes the man. - It's the Pocket Watch. Harry Hart from The Kingsman would most definitely approve.

pocket watch and cigarA pocket watch is class, eccentricity, & timeless style all rolled into one mechanical marvel that holds its timekeeping function with audacity whilst at the same time inviting conversation.

“Wow, is that a pocket watch?”

"Why yes, yes it is."

Pocket Watch History

With the development of spring devices, in the early dawn mists of the 1500s, the pocket watch was all set to be born.

The pocket watch = first portable watch.

These unique time pieces were the creation of German inventor, Peter Henlein, around 1524 or so.

This invention's first iteration was a small, round (almost egg-shaped and rather bulky), pendant worn around one's neck.

In the 1550's, the screw was introduced which allowed the watch to be constructed in the flat shape that has persisted to this day.

If they were worn around the neck, how did the name 'pocket watch' come about?

Interestingly enough, it was King Charles II of England that started the trend and set the immortal style that is the pocket watch of today.

Charles began wearing his little watch in his pocket rather than around his neck.

The trend exploded in Europe and North America.

Up until about 1857, the pocket watch was not manufactured with standardized parts. The creation of the lever escapement changed that and, along with the powerful wave that was the Industrial Revolution, the next round of pocket watches could be manufactured cheaply in mass quantities.

The pocket watch fashion faded after WWI with the advent of the wrist watch.

My Pocket Watch History

I received my first pocket watch as a gift following my Holy Communion ceremony when I was 13. It was a simple little faux gold plated Timex piece that had an equally simple chain (watch fob) with a clip that I could thread through the belt loop of my jeans. The watch itself was nestled comfortably in that small little pocket above the right side pants pocket.

Yes indeed, that’s what it is for.

'Tis an official watch pocket introduced by Levi's in the late 1800's.

Wearing the Pocket Watch

Generally speaking your pocket watch should ride proudly in the vest pocket of your three-piece suit ensemble, but hey, denim is the people’s cloth, so go ahead and add your pocket watch to your jeans for when you’re out and about.

Classic elegance to your casual dress.

Its looks great with those dark jeans and a sport coat or blazer.

Over the ensuing years I’ve used a pocket watch on an off. Admittedly, it’s been a while, but now I am thinking I need to get re-acquainted with my old fondness for carrying one.

Now, out of convenience, and a bit of laziness, I just use my cell phone to check the time.

It is ‘time’ to bring forth my pocket watch once again.

There is something almost pleasantly ritual-like to owning one.

If you have one with the cover, press the release button and open it with a subtle flourish.

The pocket watch is a conversation piece.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pocket watch is adds value to your daily style - no matter what you're wearing.

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