Hit the Reset Button

This article was written by TJ Martinell.

Everyone wants to talk about Nova 6 – I mean COVID-19. I want to instead use it to talk about something else: resetting something in your life.

I don’t see this moment in time as a crisis, at least for myself. I already went through the pain of unplugging myself from a system I realized long ago was unsustainable.

I see this as an opportunity. At no other time perhaps in our lives do we have external factors compelling us to spend time with ourselves in our homes. There are seemingly fewer distractions to keep us away from what we’ve avoided.

It’s safe to say we all have something we’ve left unaddressed. There was a problem that arose a while ago, and rather than solve it or rectify the situation, we delayed, postponed, ignored or mitigated. But these issues never went away. Whether it's a strained relationship or a cluttered house, in some instances the problem only intensifies.

That’s been the case for me. For years I’ve ignored aches and pains resulting from tendonitis. I did some stretching, but the pain only went away long enough to workouts. Unfortunately, it got to the point where my flexibility was severely limited by a perpetually sore lower back, and even though I could curl huge dumbbells, ordinary tasks became difficult. There were days I genuinely felt like an 80-year-old man.

As someone who places a high value on physical fitness, this is simply unacceptable.

Now with the gym closed, I’ve decided to correct this. The process has made me discover just severe the problem had become and affected my legs and feet. I also fully understand why I put it off for so long; loosening tendons is a painful ordeal. Stretching muscles that have long been taut leaves you feeling like you’ve run a marathon and done 20 deadlifts. And despite significant inroads made, there’s still more painful work to do.

But when I go back to the gym I will be physically healed in a way that I likely would have not been had I not hit the reset button.

So what are you going to reset in your life that you've put off until now? How are you going to use this time as an opportunity to do something that otherwise wouldn't have happened? What old habits or way of doing things needs to change?

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