Dungeons & Dragons - Dreams of Undermountain

I had an interesting and vivid dream the other night. I dreamt I was wandering in Undermountain, torch in hand, my booted feet echoing in the long, dark corridors.

I felt the hard stone walls under my hands. My eyes strained to see beyond the limits of the flickering torch light. I don't know what I was wearing or if I carried a sword. In fact, I don't recall who I was with although I knew there were companions with me.

We found a set of dungeon rooms that seemed to be suite of some kind. Three of four linked rooms were filled with sign of habitation, although all was dust covered. Strangely, all the rooms were furnished with modern technology.

Odd. Not a set of medieval-type furniture to be seen.

Undermountain is a vast, fictional dungeon based in the old TSR, Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (1991).

I purchased this boxed set new in 1991 and set about reading the books and supplements cover to cover. I ran a campaign by lamp and candlelight within Undermountain for almost five years. I called my players and their group, "The Wandering Company", (a nod to J.R.R. Tolkien) and also the title to my forthcoming fantasy novel.

We all had a blast.

I possessed this creative energy that I had no idea what to do with. Dungeons & Dragons was the outlet. I learned the art of crafting a story and gained the confidence to stand up in front of a group of my friends and be a Dungeon Master.

Crafting plots, guiding the players along the story outlines, and voice acting.

Thus, for may years, it was all D&D.

Every Friday night.

Yes indeed, we were cool.

Writing my own stories and books would come next.

Fast forward years later.

I still run D&D games here and there and I now write my own fiction. In addition, my brother from another mother and business partner, John Haremza, and I, co-own and operate a game website together called, Legends of Tabletop.

However, lately, I have been focusing on my six-book novella series and neglecting my roots.

Yes, alas, I have strayed a bit from Dungeons & Dragons.

In fact, I have almost 30K words complete of a fantasy novel based on the players and the adventures I ran during those five years back in the early 90's.

Perhaps this dream was a reminder?


I think I'll print what I have of the fantasy novel manuscript and give it a fresh read.

4/3/19 - Update - the novel is coming along nicely and almost complete. The next step is editing and book cover considerations.


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