A Man's Masculine Edge

We touched on this in MG Episode #5.

As promised, we're back to discuss it further.

The Masculine Edge.

Every man possesses it but what is it?

Before we get into this, let’s talk about what it is NOT. This is important because it is this ‘opposite’ which is what most men (not all) have in abundance.

Some might term it ‘beta’ or weakness. It’s that charming, fun, friendly, open-the-door for the woman, manners maketh the man aspect & mentality of men everywhere.

This is incorrect. It is not beta or weakness when balanced with the Masculine Edge.

However, by itself?

Yes, it can be perceived as weakness, as somewhat lacking, and wishy-washy.

You're just a ‘nice guy’. And nice guys don’t get f*cked.

This ‘nice guy’ is programmed into us from a very young age. There is nothing wrong with these traits in and of themselves. However, they cannot be all that you are.

“Be nice, behave!” Our parents warns us. “Be polite.”

Being nice, behaving, polite, and exhibiting exquisite manners, is what author, world traveler, and master seducer/lover of women, Zan Perrion, calls a man’s Upper Energy. This energy is high and light, it’s charming and friendly, humorous and engaging. It’s nice.

You might be asking, “So? What is wrong with that?”

Nothing. Make no mistake, these qualities are much-needed and looked for in a man.

They are a testament to his character. They make him fun to be around. He is easy to talk to. The issue is this - there is too much of it.

It's boring as shit.

What most men LACK, is what he calls Lower Energy - The Masculine Edge.

This Lower energy is key. It is what most men hide and push down. This lower energy is our sexual energy, our caveman energy, if you will. It is our raw, animal lust. It is our danger. It is our power. It is our mystery.

By itself, it can be brutish and crude. Ahh, but add to it the Upper Energy, and then, oh then, we have the perfect mix.

So, Men have the  Upper Energy, or the ‘Nice Guy’ energy, in abundance.

Where then is your Lower Energy, brothers? Where is your Edge?

When balanced with the Upper Energy, well, then THAT is what is attractive and draws everyone.

"An integrated man has both energies, and the balance of both has an incredible impact."

It is this Masculine Edge that women look for and desire, they crave it. So badly do they crave it that they seek it in romance books, movies, and affairs.


Simply put, there is no one to teach us. No guide. No mentor. It’s missing from most of us.

We’re afraid to show it. We might offend that girl. We might scare her away. We might blow our chance. We must be nice.

Really? How well is that working out for you?

“He is lacking that edge (masculine edge), that core of masculinity that a father would have given him. He lives in tepid apology, abandoning his warrior spirit, with a primary goal in life that is about conquering vagina and not at all about conquering the world.” - ‘The Alabaster Girl’ - Zan Perrion.

A man with a Masculine Edge, a man who is in touch NOT with his feminine side, but with his lower energy, has a hint of Mystery & Danger about him, he’s passionate, romantic, seductive, spontaneous, mischievous, direct, powerful and confident.

He is adventurous.

And women want to be taken on an Adventure, not be the adventure. (more on this in a later post)

He is raw.

He is not afraid to let a woman know that he finds her attractive and desires her. He is not afraid to let a woman know he is ready to bend her over and ravish her.

No, dork. Not rape. Ravish. There is a difference and you know it.

One is vile and against the law. The other is consensual, primal, and what women want.

Yes, your woman wants you to take her and ravish her.

Don’t think this is true?

Check out the popularity of the romance section at Barnes & Noble. Peruse Amazon. Hell, look at the sales figures for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Mind blowing right?

Why aren’t you ravishing your woman? I am not saying we all have to be Christian Grey.

However, keeping that fire of desire for her alive is important for relationship longevity.

And if you don’t have that fire? If you’re not sexually desirous of her? What then?

Well, then, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship, no?

"How does one wash off the sour, lingering odor of 'nice guy'? Lower your center of gravity. Get in your hips. Get in shape. Get some nice shoes. Get out and meet new people. Get an edge. Loosen your tie, untuck your shirt. Learn a language. Learn an instrument. Travel far and wide. Hang around your heroes. Climb a mountain and never tell a soul." - Zan Perrion.

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